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Advocates' Corner

Monday, 27 – Friday, 31 October | 08:30 – 17:00
Level 1, Auditorium 1 Foyer

The Advocates' Corner is a space at each conference where delegates representing community, advocacy, civil society, and allies are able to exchange ideas, network, build solidarity, relax and socialize. The 2014 Corner in Cape Town was organized by AIDS Alliance, AMAG, AVAC, GYCA, IRMA, NHVMAS, SAT, Siyaiifuna, Sonke Gender Justice, WACi and other community partners.

Located just outside of the plenary hall, the Advocates’ Corner provided a space to display materials and meet informally as well as a venue for conference-goers to participate in a robust program of activities during the lunch and tea breaks that included a series of dialogues with advocates and researchers on a variety of scientific and community issues; a chance to talk to researchers in small groups and ask questions about specific trials, concepts and new data; networking opportunities; and social media training and other skills building sessions.