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3 October 2016
The, With Global Trials Expanding, More HIV Vaccines Are Put to the Test,

11 October 2016
The Herald (Zimbabwe), Zimbabwe: HIV Prevention As Treatment,

12 October 2016
Medscape, HIVR4P Ushers in 'Next-Gen' Prevention,
AIDSMap, Coming soon: news from HIVR4P and HIV Glasgow conferences,

17 October 2016
Science Speaks, HIVR4P 2016: Live from Chicago,
Transversal, La conférence HIVR4P débute ce lundi 17 octobre à Chicaco,
Pretoria News, SA HIV scientists at centre of forum,

18 October 2016
Medscape, PrEP Success Breeds Complexity in HIV Prevention Trials,
Science Speaks, HIVR4P 2016: “The undiagnosed and untreated are still the key drivers of the epidemic,”
HIV i-Base, PrEP can be used by breastfeeding mothers without risk to the baby,
HIV i-Base, Second case of drug resistant HIV infection in person adherent on PrEP,
The, Despite Second Case of HIV, PrEP Still 'Most Effective Tool for HIV Prevention,'
The, 'Curiosity About Any Failure of PrEP Is Healthy Because It Is So Extremely Rare,'
The, 2 People Got HIV Despite PrEP -- and Millions Get HIV Without It,
TAG Basic Science Blog, Antibody therapy leads to sustained post-treatment SIV control in macaques out to two years,
The Statesman (India), New hope against HIV

19 October 2016
SABC radio, Women in Africa beaten for safe sex,
SABC, Breast fed infants not exposed to ARV drugs: Study,
Malawi Broadcasting, HIV prevention research results hope for Africa,
New Zimbabwe, TESTS: Sex still good with anti-HIV vaginal ring,
Buzz Feed, Second Case Emerges of Someone On Daily Prep Getting HIV,
AIDSMap, Anal sex may transmit four in ten HIV infections in US women at high risk,
AIDSMap, Policy makers’ inaction is leading people to take PrEP ‘in the wild,’
AIDSMap, Second case report of PrEP failure due to drug-resistant virus,
MedPage Today, HIV Resistance Rare With Preventive Ring,
MedPage Today, Rare Case Shows PrEP Not Perfect,
Science Speaks, HIVR4P 2016: From dapivirine rings to multipurpose prevention tools, “we still have a huge job ahead of us,”
Science Speaks, HIVR4P 2016: Services for female sex workers show low cost impact,
HIV i-Base, Potential for EFdA as PrEP to prevent HIV transmission in women and their infants,
The, Spreading Heat at HIVR4P,
HIV&Hepatitis. Com, HIVR4P 2016: More Viral Suppression Needed to Reduce HIV Infections Among Gay Men,,667-cascade-of-care-cascade-of-care/5881-hivr4p-2016-more-viral-suppression-needed-to-reduce-hiv-infections-among-gay-men
POZ, Second Man Contracts Rare HIV Strain While Adhering to PrEP,
POZ, Most Women Using Anti-HIV Vaginal Ring Say Sex Felt the Same,
NATAP, Novel Integrase Mutation in Macaque Cabotegravir Study--But "Limited" Clinical Impact,
NATAP, Infection With Multidrug-Resistant HIV While Adherent to TDF/FTC PrEP,
NATAP, Anal Sex May Explain One Third of New Heterosexually-Acquired HIV in Group of US Women,
NATAP, Two Thirds of Oral PrEP-Using MSM Would Switch to Long-Term Shots,
NATAP, Low-Dose Aspirin or Hydroxychloroquine Limits Activated Target Cells in Genital Tract,, HIV Research for Prevention (HIVR4P) 2016; Seizing the moment for Nigeria(ns) – Gabriel Adeyemo,
Transversal, HIV R4P 2016 : DISCOVER, le TAF à l’essai,,le-TAF-a-l-essai
Transversal, Nouvelles approches et résultats majeurs annoncés dès l’ouverture de la conference,
MD Magazine, Vaginal Ring Lowers HIV Risk Without Interfering with Sexual Intercourse,
HRC blog, Man Contracts Rare Strain of HIV While on PrEP,
WEHOville, Second Instance of HIV Infection of Man on PrEP Is Revealed,

20 October 2016
SABC, KZN has highest number of new HIV infections in SA,
Pesquisa, Novas estratégias contra a Aids,
Cape Argus, PrEP doable during breast feeding act, (see PDF)
Cape Argus, Abused women exposed to HIV, (see PDF)
Medscape, Beliefs About Condoms Can Blind Physicians to PrEP Needs,
AIDSMap, Vaginal and rectal bacteria may have a big influence on HIV transmission and microbicide efficacy,
MedPage Today, Mass Circumcision Cut HIV Acquisition,
MedPage Today, PrEP Attitudes 'Paradoxical' Among Docs in Training,
MedPage Today, Vaginal Bacteria Affect HIV Risk,
Science Speaks, HIVR4P 2016: From development to delivery, making innovation useful takes planning,
HIV i-Base, A burgeoning PrEP pipeline: dozens of new drugs, formulations and delivery options,
The, Debate This: What Do HIV Prevention and Elections Have in Common?,
HIV and, Second PrEP failure reported at HIV prevention confab,
also in Bay Area Reporter,
Transversal, HIV R4P 2016 : bien des obstacles à lever pour l'implémentation de la PrEP,
Transversal, HIV R4P 2016 : focus sur la « queue » des traitements injectables,
Transversal, Les essais sur l'anneau vaginal se poursuivent avec l'espoir de meilleurs résultats,
Healio, ASPIRE: Women report use of vaginal ring for HIV prevention has little effect on sex,
Active Voices, Exploring the Vaginal ring as a New HIV Prevention Tool in Africa,
Joyitku, The Challenges of using PrEP among Young people in Nigeria,
Medical Xpress, Large increases in HIV suppression needed to reduce new infections in critical population,
Medical Xpress, International study finds high levels of adherence to use of rectal microbicide gel,
Gay News Network, People at risk of HIV are taking PrEP on an ad-hoc basis: report,
Attitude, Experts Reiterate PrEP’s Effectiveness After Second Man Contracts HIV While Taking Medication,
The Statesman (India), Key role for middle income countries

21 October 2016
VietNam News, New Research Points to Possible HIV Cure by 2030,
Cape Argus, HIV kids offer new hope in AIDS fight, (see PDF)
AIDSMap, Rings, films or inserts? Researchers need to develop prevention products that make sense in women’s lives,
MedPage Today, Antibodies Dominate HIV Prevention Meeting,
MedPage Today, 'Siri, Does My Partner Have HIV?,'
The, This Week in HIV Research: Sustained SIV Remission Study Paves Way for Human Trials, and New Case of HIV Transmission Despite PrEP,
The, Who Do You Love? Finding Treasure at the Last Day of HIVR4P,
NATAP, HIV Mobile in Cervicovaginal Mucus of Women With Bacterial Vaginosis/Risk for HIV Acquisition,
NATAP, In San Francisco 12,500 on PrEP--But Lower Use in Young, Blacks, Women,
NATAP, Five HIV Care Trajectories Seen in 15,000-Person North Carolina Study...Poor Engagement in Care,
NATAP, Good Adherence by 58% of Women in Maraviroc PrEP Trial--But It Works,
AIDSMap, New microbicide enema achieves high levels of drug in rectal tissues in monkeys,

23 October 2016
AIDSMap, Huge diversity in current HIV vaccine research, Research for Prevention conference hears,

24 October 2016
SABC, MRC confident of positive results in HIV clinical trial,
China CNR, 2016HIV研究预防大会闭幕 遏制艾滋任重道远,
Cape Argus, Birth control jabs could lead to HIV, (see PDF)
Cape Argus, Biggest study to ‘nail’ virus gets under way, (see PDF)
Cape Argus, Drop in research funding could threaten initiatives, (see PDF)
AIDSMap, New HIV prevention products will need marketing and effective health services to reach the people who need them,
Medscape, More Surprises From ÉCLAIR: Cabotegravir's 'Long Tail,'
Science Speaks, HIVR4P 2016: Circumcision offers major contribution to ending HIV epidemic as a public health threat,
Transversal, Rwanda, Brésil : prévalence, dépistage et prise en charge de deux « populations clés »,,Bresil-prevalence,depistage-et-prise-en-charge-de-deux-populations-cles-
Active Voices, Understanding the need of HIV most-at-risk population in Nigeria,

25 October 2016
The Herald (Zimbabwe), Social harms impede ring use,
Cuba TV, HIVR4P por la prevención del VIH-SIDA,
AIDSMap, As PrEP knowledge increases in San Francisco, 12,500 people now thought to be on PrEP,
AIDSMap, Some of the Americans who need PrEP the most face the greatest barriers to getting it,

26 October 2016
The Herald (Zimbabwe), Funding challenges thraten HIV/AIDS vaccines R&D,
Medscape, Latest ASPIRE Vaginal Ring Data Speak to Women's Experiences,
Windy City Times, HIV Conference Features Anthony Fauci,

27 October 2016
PrideSource, Is This ‘Cure’ for HIV?,

28 October 2016
Cuba TV, Investigación para la Prevención del VIH abre sus puertas,
Medscape, Real-Time Data Key to Kenya's HIV Prevention Roadmap,

29 October 2016
Cuba TV, Encuentro de expertos sobre el VIH,

1 November 2016
Cuba TV, Continúan estudios para la prevención del SIDA,

3 November 2016
The, It's Time to Start Thinking About Anal Sex as a Risk Factor for HIV In Women,

4 November 2016
The Herald (Zimbabwe), ARV drugs safe for breastfed infants,

5 November 2016
The Star (Kenya), Circumcisions save 20,000 people from HIV, new Kenyan data shows,
The Star (Kenya), We are closer to HIV vaccine, scientists say after discovery of powerful anti-HIV antibodies,

9 November 2016
Viet Nam News, Gov’t aims to reduce mother-to-child transmission rate of HIV to under 2 percent,

18 November 2016
DevEx, Aid groups grapple with stigmatization in HIV prophylaxis roll-out,

1 December 2016
DevEx, At last, an HIV prevention tool women can control?,
Pesquisa, Brazil, AIDS: Novas batalhas pela prevenção (AIDS: New battles for prevention),

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