Ancillary Meetings & Special Events

HIVR4P 2018 Ancillary Meetings and Events Guidelines

Any activity, event, or meeting that is held from 21 October through 25 October 2018 that is targeted toward or includes participants of the HIVR4P conference is considered an ancillary activity and must be approved by the HIVR4P Secretariat. The conference has a limited number of meeting rooms available allocated for ancillary meetings that will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis. Meeting rooms available have a maximum capacity of 18 participants.

Organizations that wish to hold ancillary activities of any size or nature, in any location during HIVR4P must complete the Ancillary Activity Request Form below, be approved and comply with the guidelines. You will still have to fill an application form if you are planning to host an event conducted outside of the conference space, such as the hotel’s restaurant space or at an off-site location.

Process and Guidelines

  • Ancillary meetings or events must not conflict with or detract from the official HIVR4P program and cannot be held during conference hours if more than 20 participants (click here to see the program).
  • Ancillary meetings or events must be approved by the HIVR4P Secretariat and can be held on conference space or outside of it.
  • Function space is limited and will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Meeting rooms are setup in U-shape and will not include any A/V.
  • Signage for the ancillary activity is only permitted directly outside of the assigned meeting room.
  • Ancillary activity decisions will be emailed approximately 2 weeks after submission.

In general, the following activities are not permitted pre/post/during HIVR4P:

  • Commercial-hosted social events
  • Exhibits (commercial company and noncommercial company)
  • Distribution of any promotional material (e.g. fliers, room drops)
  • Commercial banners

How to Apply

Please complete the Application Form to request space for any ancillary meetings or events you would like to conduct during the HIVR4P conference. 

All ancillary meeting requests must be submitted no later than 21 September 2018.

Costs and Liabilities

Available meeting rooms are at no cost. Any other direct costs associated with the function (e.g. food, beverage, audiovisual equipment, labor, or rental fees for additional space) are the responsibility of the ancillary meeting organizer. The ancillary meeting organizer is also liable for injuries or accidents to people or property caused by the malfeasance or nonfeasance of the organizer.

Use of the HIVR4P Logo

You may use the following HIVR4P logo specific to ancillary events. Click here to download the logo.

Changes to Approved Ancillary Activities

Any substantive changes to information submitted in an ancillary activity application must be reported to the Conference Secretariat and may impact approval status.

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