Presentation Guidelines

Guidelines for Speakers and Poster Exhibitors


Opening and plenary sessions (PL01 – PL03) 25′ + 5′
Closing plenary (PL04) – check your invitation for your talk time 15 – 20′ + panel discussion
Symposia sessions (excluding exceptions below) 18′ + 4′
SY01, SY06 and SY08 15′ + 3′
Roundtable sessions 10′ each + panel discussion
Oral Abstract sessions 12′ + 3′
Poster Discussion sessions 5′ + 4′

Session co-chairs will receive all abstracts/synopses to be presented in the session and may contact you before the conference to discuss session flow and avoid duplications or gaps.


All presenters must use the laptop computers provided by the conference. Computers will be equipped with the latest PC software. Presentations should be submitted on a USB stick to the speaker check-in desk in Berlin room the day prior to presentation. Personal laptops may not be used.

Click here to download a PowerPoint template that can be used at the conference. Please note that all PowerPoint format must be 16×9 and the maximum file size is 20MB. Embedding videos in your presentation is allowed as long as it doesn’t exceed the maximum file size.

Failure to submit your presentation the day prior to presentation could result in missing graphics for your presentation.

Speaker Check-In – Berlin
Sunday, 21 October – 14:00 – 18:00
Monday, 22 – Wednesday 24 October – 08:00 – 18:00
Thursday, 25 October – 08:00 – 15:00


  • Please arrive at the session room at least 15 minutes before the start of the session.
  • Check the room where the session will be held and familiarize yourself with the space and equipment.
  • Meet the co-chairs and run through the session line-up (i.e. order, panel discussion, special circumstances).
  • Please sit towards the front of the room in the session in which you present. The session chair will introduce your presentation as well as monitor the length of the presentations.
  • All mobile phones must be turned off while you are presenting. Mobile phones on silent will cause feedback with the microphones. A laser pointer and slide advancer will be available at the podium for your use.


To ensure the integrity, objectivity, and transparency of the oral presentations, presenters are encouraged to disclose any conflict of interest at the beginning of their presentation. Click here to download a conflict of interest slide template for inclusion following the title slide. Your compliance with this request is greatly appreciated.


Advertising of medicinal products in Spain is regulated by a combination of laws, guidelines of the regulatory authorities and codes of conduct adopted on a voluntary basis by the pharmaceutical industry.

According to Royal Decree 1416/1994, the advertising of medicinal products includes any form of informative offer, commercial research or inducement designed to promote the prescription, dispensation, sale or consumption of medicinal products.

Please review the guidelines if you are presenting data on medicinal products.


As in previous years, all conference sessions, with the exception of poster discussions, will be recorded and webcast. Posting of the presentation audio is mandatory with the acceptance to give an oral presentation. Presenters will be given the opportunity to remove specific slides from their presentations prior to posting on the meeting website. Similarly, journalists and rapporteurs, reporting and summarizing conference highlights, may refer to presentation slides only in accordance with the conference embargo policy and the author’s sharing preferences. They may not publish or share slides without the author’s permission.

Speaker Permission Form

Poster Exhibitors

Posters will be displayed in the Italian rooms: Roma, Milan and Venecia, in the Italy – Germany Gallery and in Colonia, Dusseldorf, Munich and Frankfurt.

Poster presentation space is limited to 112 cm wide x 112 cm tall / 44 in wide x 44 in tall. The boards can only accept double-sided tape, which will be provided onsite for you to tape up your poster to the boards.

Complete Poster Presentation Guidelines

A Poster printing service is available to all Poster Presenters with Exposistem. Please note that Poster Presenters are responsible for the full payment of the poster printing, unpaid posters will not be printed.

Poster Printing Service Information


HIVR4P will host an online repository of conference posters for delegates and others to view, download and reference after the meeting concludes. Your ePoster will not be published on the web site until the conclusion of the conference.

Uploading your poster will allow you to increase access and help openly share your work with those who could not attend the meeting, thus extending the discussion beyond the conference walls. Poster presenters will be sent instructions on how to upload a PDF file of their poster for display on the conference web site in September. The ePoster platform will be accessible for uploading starting from Monday, 1 October.

Complete ePoster Upload Guidelines

Conference News


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