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Satellite Policies and Guidelines


Satellite Promotion

A schedule of accepted satellite sessions will be included on the conference web site, in conference emails, and the conference mobile app. Once the satellite session is confirmed, guidelines for preparing a satellite session including the description for publication in the conference program materials will be provided to the satellite organizer.

The conference organizers will not distribute individual email invitations to satellites. Satellite organizers are encouraged to conduct their own promotion for their programs.

The Conference will provide logistical signage and a sign outside each satellite room. Additional signage is not permitted.

Use of the HIVR4P Logo

The HIVR4P logo or any part of the HIVR4P logo may not be used on any non-HIVR4P materials, such as websites, publications, signs, fliers, etc., that did not originate from or were not developed by HIVR4P, without written permission from the Conference Secretariat.

Coordination and Costs

The satellite hosting organization is responsible for organizing and coordinating all logistics. One person must be appointed as liaison to the Conference Secretariat. We are unable to accept instruction, direction, inquiries, or likewise from any person(s), or agent(s) other than the named liaison.

All direct costs associated with the satellite (administrative fees, audiovisual equipment, labor, food and beverage) are the responsibility of the satellite organizer.

Satellite session rooms are available for a maximum of 250 guests in time increments up to three hours. The cost for a satellite room is $1,890. This fee includes the following setup:

  • Classroom style seating for satellites under 150 guests or theater style seating for satellites over 150 guests
  • Riser with head table for two and podium
  • Projector Package: 3000 lumen projector, 8’ tripod screen, safelock stand, video cable, wireless mouse
  • One podium microphone
  • One tabletop microphone on the head table
  • One cordless handheld audience microphone

Refreshments may be served in conjunction with a satellite. All food and beverage must be purchased through the hotel. Sample menu options and pricing are available here.

PSAV is the official contracted audio-visual vendor for satellite sessions. To inquire about costs for additional equipment or dedicated technical staff, email Kevin Walsh.


The satellite organizer is liable for any injuries or accidents to people or property while conducting the satellite.


Satellite session organizers must comply with all conference policies and the conference venue. Policy violations may result in the cancellation of the satellite session, and/or denial of admission or the ability to host a satellite session at current or future HIVR4P conferences.

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