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HIVR4P Special Events Guidelines

The guidelines for Special Events conducted during the HIVR4P conference are new for 2016.

Special Events are activities that are scheduled outside the hours of the R4P agenda and are not held in hotel meeting space designated for ancillary meetings. For example, these might be events conducted in the hotel’s restaurant space or at an off-site locations.

Organizations that wish to hold Special Events off-site or at the Conference hotel, the Sheraton Grand Chicago, are responsible for all coordination and expenses, as well as making all logistical arrangements. If you are interested in hosting an event at the Sheraton Grand Chicago, please contact at Emily Miller, Sheraton’s Associate Director of Event Management at

If you would like the Conference Secretariat to post information regarding your organization’s Special Event on the HIVR4P web site’s Events list, the event must comply with our guidelines.

To be approved for posting on the conference web site, Special Events must:

  • Not conflict with or detract from the official HIVR4P program
  • Take place outside the hours of the HIVR4P conference (Click here to see the Conference Program)
  • Be approved by the HIVR4P Conference Secretariat

All costs incurred by the Special Event are the responsibility of the event organizer. Fees may include room rental, food and beverage, and audio visual.

One application must be completed for each Special Event. If you have any questions about whether your event would be considered a Special Event and eligible for promotion on the Special Events Listing, contact the Conference Secretariat at

Use of the HIVR4P Logo

The HIVR4P logo or any part of the HIVR4P logo may not be used on any non-HIVR4P materials, such as web sites, publications, signs, fliers, etc., that did not originate from or were not developed by HIVR4P without written permission.

Changes to Special Events

Any substantive changes to information submitted in a Special Event application must be reported to the Conference Secretariat and may impact web posting status.

Special Event Web Listing Request Form

Please complete the following Request Form to request posting of your Special Event on the HIVR4P web site’s Events Listing. If approved, the information will be posted on the web site. All Special Event Web Listing Requests need to be submitted no later than July 15, 2016.

Submit A Special Event

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