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Madrid, the Cosmopolitan City

Madrid is a lively cosmopolitan city with a rich history in art, architecture, culture and cuisine. It is the capital and largest city of Spain, located in the centre of the Iberian Peninsula. With around 3.2 million inhabitants, Madrid is also one of the largest cities in the European Union. The seat of government, Spanish Parliament and residence of the Spanish monarch can be found here. It serves as the political, economic and cultural centre of whole Spain.

Experience Madrid – known for its intense cultural and artistic activity, culinary delights, contemporary green living spaces and a very lively nightlife.

Madrid, the Artistic City

Madrid is renowned for its museums and cultural agenda. The city counts with 71 museums and 87 art galleries. Three in particular are prestigious: the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, the Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, and the largest art gallery in the world with 10,000 works of art housed at the Museo del Prado. All of these can be found along a stretch of just over one kilometer at the “Paseo del Arte”, known as Art Walk. There’s even more to explore! Madrid offers many other architectural institutions, buildings and places of interest. In fact, it encompasses 2,294 monuments, 53 theatres and 218 cinemas. Worth a visit are certainly the Royal Palace with its Royal Armory and Painting Gallery, the historical centre of the city, the Royal Theatre with its restored Opera House, and the Royal Basilica.

Madrid, the Green City

Madrid is the second city with the most green spaces in the world – namely 172 parks and gardens, as well as 225,000 trees. Casa de Campo Park encompasses 1,772 hectares of green space and is 4 times the size of the Central Park. The 10 km long Madrid Río Park has 32 bridges and paths. Along with El Retiro Park, these parks are the best known green areas, but almost every neighborhood in the city has its own park, square or community garden. There are certainly more green spaces to explore, click here for more information. 

Madrid, the Culinary Capital

Although Madrid is, undoubtedly, an open city that welcomes all kinds of influences, culinary included, from neighbors and visitors, it has its own food too. Madrileño cooks offer some splendid savory dishes such as cocido medrileño, almond soup, garlic soup, cocido de tres vuelcos (chickpea-based stew), soldaditos de Pavía (fried cod in batter), besugo a la madrileña (red bream Madrid-style), potaje de vigilia (cod-based stew) or the many superb stews with meat and vegetables. Searching for something sweet? Choose from a variety of sweet dishes, such as barquillos (wafers) and bartolillos (cream-filled puff pastries), often prepared and eaten during the many religious festivals. 

For the original Spanish tapas experience, visit the districts are Sol, Plaza Mayor and Plaza de Santa Ana, Madrid de los Austrias (Hapsburg Madrid) and La Latina, Chueca-Malasaña, and Conde Duque. From tapas in sleek temples to new and trendy bistros to sit-down meals beneath centuries-old vaulted ceilings, eating in Madrid is a genuine pleasure. 


Madrid, Facts and Figures

October is the last of the warm months in Madrid with a daily maximum temperature averages at 21 degrees Celsius, the minimum goes down to 9 degrees in the evening. There is a little more rain in Madrid at this time of the year compared to the previous months; however, it is still quite minimal.
Spanish. English is frequently understood and spoken.
3.2 million.
Central European Time. CET.
667 m above sea level.
Electricity supply in Spain is 220 V. Plugs have two round pins and an additional ground pin. A standard travel adapter plug will enable you to use appliances from abroad.
  1 EUR = 1.18 USD (as of 23 October 2017. For up-to-date information, please refer to the Universal Currency Converter)  
ATMs are found within walking distance wherever you are in Madrid. International credit cards are accepted throughout the country at most banks, hotels, and the airport.


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